NICNET Services
Using the NICNET connectivity, various departments update periodical data on the web-based application. Almost all departments are utilizing email services.
Land Record Computerisation
The software prepared by NIC LR Team at Gwalior is operational in all three tehsils of Harda, the copy of Khasra / B1 is generated with the help of this system and distributed to the public on demand. The copy of ROR can also be obtained from the website

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

The Nrega Offline Software is implemented in 3 Blocks of the district.NIC Harda Proivdes all the technical support to NREGA. Data is regularly updated on website.


CM Announcement & CM Information Monitoring System (CMIMS)

Implemented CMIMS web based online application for all the government departments for monitoring the targets and achievements, budget expenditure, work progress against targets etc.


Samadhan EK DIN (ODG) & Contributed Pension Fund

Samadhan Ek Din Project implemented at Collectorate Harda for providing Citizen Centric Services like Income, domicile, caste certificate, Ration card etc in one day. Also implemented Web based online application of Contributed Pension fund Project for District treasury.



 Implemented web enabled online application for Food Department for Monitoring of Rashan Distribution in villages through FPS.


 Forest Right Project (Survey through PDA)

 Implemented web based Forest right project in Harda District. It includes complete village wise data entry of forest dwellers into web-based software, Configuration of PDA machine for survey team with survey software, PDA works with GPRS system. After Survey the data from PDA is uploaded to Forest Website for Making Forest Right Certificate.


IDSP, Confonet & DCIS Project

Providing technical support in implementing confonet, IDSP & District e-Court project in the district.

Training to Government Employees

Regular training programmes are organized for the officers and staff of the District Administration and other offices within district. It has helped a lot in awareness of computers in the district and provide major backbone in executing many computerized activities in the district.
11 Points Programme/Parakh
A database of rural sector on different parameters has been created which is updated on monthly basis. Reports are being generated for district administration to improve the citizen centric services and keep track of the status of different facilities
Agmarknet has been made operational in Krishi Upaj Mandi - Harda. The data is regularly updated to AGMARKNET portal.
Election Process
NIC Harda has been providing support of all the elections including parliamentary, legislative and local bodies. Support is provided various levels of election process.
BPL Survey
The software is installed block-wise for data entry on different computers. After successful data entry, with the help of query module various reports generated to help District Administration (For cut-off value of Below Poverty Line).
The BRISC software is operational at district level as well as in all banks in the district to monitor the RRCs in the district.
District Website
NIC Harda has designed and developed a comprehensive Website of the district. It contains useful information about the district, which is regularly being updated.
In addition to the above projects, there are number of other project implemented received from State Govt. as well as Central Govt. from time to time.
Video Conferencing Services
Recently, VC facility has been established in the district in new Collectorate building though DAMA VSAT. It is widely used by District Administration and other Offices to communicate with the state headquarters. Samadhan Online is held on every first tuesday of every month in which public Grievances are solved by H'C.M.