har dam Harda

District Administration Harda is now also available on WhatsApp

Launched by honourable Chief Minister Mukhyamantri Jan Seva Abhiyan is a campaign by the Madhya Pradesh Government to cover all the citizens still left from the benefits of flagship government schemes, in order to achieve 100 percent saturation.

To meet the purpose of this campaign and to reduce the distance between the administration and the common citizens, District administration has launched the WhatsApp based bot service for the citizens, named Har-Dam Harda (Harda District Administration Public Grievance Management System) Whose WhatsApp number is 82260-06666.

The WhatsApp has been chosen as medium because it is a reliable and accessible medium to communicate now days. Through Har-Dam the citizens can directly send their demands/suggestions/complaints to the district administration on WhatsApp. The applicant will receive PDF of the acknowledgment on WhatsApp itself. Along with this, the district officer of the concerned department will also get the same information on his/her WhatsApp number for redressal of the grievance.

This service will serve as a tool for citizens to hold administration accountable, claim their rights and entitlements and in achieving good governance.