In the ‘Mugal’ History  a prosperous village Handiya was situated on the  west of Harda.

After some years the area of Harda and Mahemudabad get increased .

In the time of British rule , British tried to bring Harda in the progressive frame work. Harda got situated by combining KulHarda and Mehmudabad Villages.

After getting the Railway line Harda gets developed rapidly. In 1857 British officers worked here as Judge and Administrative Officers.

Harda was one of the larger place in the old ‘Madhya Prant’ and includes area of ‘SiwniMalwa.’ In the ascept of language ,Harda language and culture is having effect of ‘Malwa’ and ‘Nimad’   Mainly the language which is used in Harda is known as Bhuani and  the region is called as the Bhuana area. Bhuana stands for the more fertilized land .

In the south hill region of Harda we can find the Tribal ,’Gond’ and ‘Korku’ peoples. Previously in the south region of Harda there was ‘Makdai’ rule and the ‘Gond’ king was the ruler . The ‘Bihola’ village of harda was the developed ‘Rajaswa’  center in ‘Mugal’ .

The area which was called as ‘Gondwana’ becomes non tribal in the British rule. As the workers, administration officials , farmers and business community was in touch with the states like Maharashtra , Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh  and Gujarat  from last 150 years the area got influenced by the culture of all these states.

On 18 May   1867 British established the  ‘Nagar Palika ‘ in Harda and from 1920 the work was done as per the republic manner. The under ground Drainage in  Harda is   best example of the British architect . For administration purpose Tahsil Harda was establised in the year 1913.

In the struggle for the freedom of India, Harda freedom fighters were in the first row. In 1916 Lokamanya Tilak visited Harda which had given more power to congress in Harda. On 08-12-1933 Mahatma Gandhi visited Harda for the Harijan welfare . Bapuji traveled  Harda for 4 hours. Bapuji admired  the work of  officials and volunteers of Harda .

Harda is the birth place for the Prof. MahseshDattji Meshr who was very closely  associated with Mahatma Gandhi.

On 15  Aug 1947 S.D.O Shri Beretha hosted the Indian  flag on the police station of Harda