Right to Information – Proactive Disclosure – District Harda

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Implementation of suo motu disclosure under section 4 of RTI act 2005- Issue of guidelines regarding : RTI suo motu disclosure (pdf , 769 kb)

Government Departments – District Harda
S.No. Department Name Office Name RTI file
1 Agriculture

Dy. Director Agriculture office, Harda

DDAgri_Harda (275 kb) pdf
2 Higher Education

Government Arts & Commerce College, Harda

College_Harda (1845 kb) pdf
3 Collectorate

District Collectorate, Harda

rti collectorate  (9977 kb) pdf
4 Co-operative Society

Asst Registrar Co-operative Societies, Harda

ArCoopSociety_Harda (76 kb) pdf
5 District Institutional Finance

District Institutional Finance, Harda

Inst_Finance (341 kb) pdf
6 Education

District Education Officer, Harda

rti deo school (2767 kb) pdf
7 Education

Block Education Officer, Harda

rti_NOT (210 kb) pdf
8 Education

Block Education Officer, Khirkiya

beo_Khirkiya (39 kb) pdf
9 Education

Block Education Officer, Timarni

BEO_Timarni (45 kb) pdf
10 Education

Zilla Shiksha Kendra

ZSKendra (127 kb) pdf
11 Employment

Employment Office, Harda

employ_Harda (53 kb) pdf
12 Excise

District Excise Office, Harda

excise_Harda (118 kb) pdf
13 Food & Civil Supplies

Food & Civil Supplies office, Harda

food_Harda (23787 kb) pdf
14 Finance

District Treasury, Harda

treasury_Harda (891 kb) pdf
15 Finance

District Pension office, Harda

rti-pension   (1679 kb) pdf
16 Fisheries

Fisheries office, Harda

fish_Harda (52 kb) pdf
17 Forest

Forest Officer – General, Harda

forest_general (2532 kb) pdf
18 Forest

Forest Officer – Production, Harda

forest Production   (571 kb) pdf
19 Health

Civil Surgeon, Harda

csurgeon_Harda (78 kb) pdf
20 Health

Chief Medical Health Officer, Harda

Health_RTI  (5432 kb) pdf
21 Health

District Ayurveda office, Harda

ayur_Harda (93 kb) pdf
22 Horticulture

Horticulture office, Harda

horticulture  (2634 kb) pdf
23 Industries

District Industries Centre, Harda

industry_Harda (87 kb) pdf
24 Janpad Panchayat Janpad Panchayat , Harda rti jp harda  (3861 kb) pdf
25 Janpad Panchayat Janpad Panchayat , Khirkiya JanpadPan_Khirkiya (60 kb) pdf
26 Janpad Panchayat Janpad Panchayat , Timarni rti jp timarni   (5773 kb) pdf
27 Jan Abhiyan Parishad

MP Jan Abhiyan Parishad, Harda

JanAbhiyanParishad (2006 kb) pdf
28 Krishi Upaj Mandi

Krishi Upaj Mandi, Harda

Mandi_Harda (258 kb) pdf
29 Krishi Upaj Mandi

Krishi Upaj Mandi, Khirkiya

Mandi_Khirkiya (116 kb) pdf
30 Krishi Upaj Mandi

Krishi Upaj Mandi, Timarni

Mandi_Timarni (163 kb) pdf
31 Land Records

Supt. Land Records office, Harda

slr_Harda (99 kb) pdf
32 Lok Seva (Public Service Guarantee Department)

Lok Seva office, Harda

LokSeva (62 kb) pdf
33 Marketing

District Marketing office, Harda

marketing_Harda (35 kb) pdf
34 Mining

District Mining office, Harda

mining_Harda (50 kb) pdf

MPEB, Harda

MPEB rti (8916 kb) pdf
36 Municipality

Nagar Palika, Harda

Nagar palika Harda (142 kb) pdf
37 Municipality

Nagar Parishad, Khirkiya

NP_Khirkiya (159 kb) pdf
38 Municipality

Nagar Parishad, Timarni

rti np timarni  (4789 kb) pdf
39 NVDA [Narmada Valley Development Authority]

Asst Soil Conservation Officer (NVDA), Sub Division, Harda

nvda_Harda (48 kb) pdf
40 Social Welfare

Social Justice office, Harda

psw_Harda (212 kb) pdf
41 PHE Public Health Engineering, Harda phe_Harda (42 kb) pdf
42 Planning

District Planning & Statistical office, Harda

plan_Harda (82 kb) pdf
43 Police

Supt. of Police (SP) office, Harda

sp_harda (222 kb) pdf
44 PRO

District Public Relations office, Harda

pro_Harda (65 kb) pdf
45 PWD

Executive Engineer PWD, Harda

pwd_Harda (103 kb) pdf
46 PWD

PWD National Highway (NH), Harda

pwdNH_Harda (39 kb) pdf
47 RES

RES , Harda

res_Harda (68 kb) pdf
48 RTO RTO Office, Harda rto_Harda (31 kb) pdf
49 Sales Tax Sales Tax , Harda rti_NOT (210 kb) pdf
50 SDM

SDM office, Harda

SDM HARDA (3475 kb) pdf
51 SDM

SDM office, Khirkiya

sdm_Khirkiya (44 kb) pdf
52 SDM

SDM office, Timarni

sdm_Timarni (41 kb) pdf
53 Small Savings

District Small Savings office, Harda

ssaving_Harda (52 kb) pdf
54 Tehsil Tehsil , Harda Tehsil_Harda (55 kb) pdf
55 Tehsil Tehsil , Khirkiya Tehsil_Khirkiya (58 kb) pdf
56 Tehsil Tehsil , Timarni Tehsil_Timarni (99 kb) pdf
57 Tehsil Tehsil , Rehatgaon rti_NOT (210 kb) pdf
58 Tehsil Tehsil , Siral rti_NOT (210 kb) pdf
59 Tehsil Tehsil , Handia rti_NOT (210 kb) pdf
60 Tribal

District Tribal office, Harda

tribal_Harda (135 kb) pdf
61 Tribal

Integrated Tribal Development Project, Harda

IntTribal_Harda (45 kb) pdf
62 Urban Development

District Urban Development Authority, Harda

duda_Harda (71 kb) pdf
63 Veterinary Veterinary office, Harda vet_Harda (322 kb) pdf
64 Water Resource

Water Resource Division , Harda

rti wrd harda (1881 kb) pdf
65 Water Resource

Handia Branch Canal Division, Timarni

wrd_timarni (2414 kb) pdf
66 Women & Child Development

District Women & Child Development office, Harda

WCD_Harda (75 kb) pdf
67 Women & Child Development

Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), Khirkiya

Icds_Khirkiya (48 kb) pdf
68 Zilla Panchayat Zilla Panchayat , Harda RTI ZP Harda  (286 kb) pdf
69 Registration and Stamp

Registrar office, Harda

Registration Stamp   (708 kb) pdf
70 MP Rural Road Development Authority

MP RRDA, Harda

rti rrda  (9753 kb) pdf
71 AntyaVayvasia

AntyaVayvasia Sahakari Vikas Samiti

antyaVayvasia (75 kb) pdf


rti_pwd_piu  (699 kb) pdf