Tourist Places

Riddhnath Mandir
Riddhnath Temple Handia
Category Historic, Religious

The Riddnath Temple of Handia and Sidhnath Temple of Nemavar are famous for artistic beauty and Vastu Shastra. The Handia-based…

Shiv Mandir Charuwa
Gupteshwar Temple Charua
Category Religious

Charuva – Located on the old highway between Delhi and Burhanpur, was important because of commercial and strategic location. According…

Chakraview Charua Temple
Category Historic

Chakraview structure built inside Shiv Temple, located at Charua village. Charuva was located on the old highway between Delhi and…

Makdai Mandir
Makdai Temple
Category Others

Makdai is the main area of the former monastic kingdom. 24 km from Bhirangi Railway Station and about 37 Kms…

Makdai River
Makdai River
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Makrai stands on a hill near the Sayani River and is noted for its dense forests. One well-known location is…

Ram Janki Temple
Ram Janki Temple
Category Religious

Ram Janki Temple – Located in Bhadugaon village. Lord Rama and Mata Sita have been established in this temple.

Category Historic, Religious

Harda is a very ancient place about 21 km north of the district headquarter: – Handia recognizes that Handia is…