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Harda is a very ancient place about 21 km north of the district headquarter: – Handia recognizes that Handia is situated at the central point of the river Narmada and the devotees who are traveling in Narmada begin their pilgrimage from here. According to the relativism, the presence of legacies of the legendary sage Jamadagni and the Hai dynasty was mixed in this place. Handia, situated on the Narmada coast in the direction of Delhi and South India, was an important place in administrative, religious, business and strategic perspectives during the Mughal period. It is said that the king of bulk, Najir Uddin Handia, had come and settled in the form of a fakir, which was known as Handia Shah Bhogg. Huxangshah Gori, the Sultan of Mandu, built a fort here. According to Æne-Akbari, Handia had the status of government of Malwa province. In the 18th century, Maratha Handia attained the status of government of Malwa province. In the 18th century, during the Maratha rule, the capital was transferred from Handiya to Harda. Here is the abundance of architectural architecture built in the Mughal period. Presently the work of preservation and beautification of archaeological heritage and surrounding places in the area is being done in the joint provision of the Department of Agriculture and the District Administration.

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By Air

Nearest Airport is Indore 160 km

By Train

Nearest Station is Harda 30 km

By Road

On Harda - Indore road